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The Vital Arrival App is branded and

customized to your school

Many international students are anxious about arriving at the airport in Canada by themselves. By providing a visual guide, at their fingertips, you provide peace of mind and happier students.

The App covers a range of topics, from introducing your key staff and guiding students through the airport, to useful tools post arrival like public transport schedules and links to your social media.

As an extra service to your international students, you can opt to provide the App in multiple languages. Typically it would be 5-6 languages, including English. Choice of languages is at your discretion.

Push Notifications
Push Notifications work much like Text Messages, only you don't need to know the recipient's phone number. International students are notoriously difficult to communicate with via email, but they always check their phones. Through Push Notifications you can send alerts, invitations and other communication directly to your students' mobile phones.

The App is available for Android and iPhones and are free of charge for students to download. Click the buttons below to see examples of the Vital Arrival App

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